7 times more powerful than conventional methods

Biological Deodorization

Thorough removal of foul odors with the proprietary porous glass deodorizer.
Significantly lower introduction and running costs.

Produced by
MIRAIE Co., Ltd.

Are you troubled by strong odors from livestock, compost and sediment?

Foul odors have a significant impact on surrounding environments as they travel in the air, sometimes resulting in serious problems.
In particular, pig farms often generate strong ammonia odors, that require frequent replacement of deodorizing materials, causing heavy burdens in cost and maintenance.

The Biological Deodorization System can solve your odor problems

  1. It removes strong odors, such as ammonia odors, up to 7 times more effectively than conventional methods.
  2. It can be installed in small spaces thanks to its proprietary technology.
  3. It significantly reduces installation and running costs.
MIRAIE Biological Deodorization System

7 times more powerful deodorizing than conventional methods

When foul odors pass through the porous glass, a material that features numerous tiny holes, microorganisms fixed inside decompose the gases and deodorize the air.
It uses a water circulation system, which contributes to the low installation and running costs.

7 times more powerful deodorizing than conventional methods

The benefits of the Biological Deodorization System

1.7 times more effective removal of odors than conventional methods.

Fixing numerous microorganisms inside the porous glass, the Biological Deodorization System achieves odor removal performance that is 7 times more efficient than conventional methods, reducing the environmental impact caused by unwanted smell.

7 times more effective removal of odors than conventional methods.

2.Requires 1/5 installation space of conventional machines

With conventional methods, stacking of the deodorizing material may reduce efficiency. The Biological Deodorization System maintains the power even when stacking the material, thanks to the porous glass' unique structure and its numerous microorganisms.
The system requires installation space that is 1/5 the size required by conventional systems.

Biological Deodorization System
Biological Deodorization System

The material can be stacked high

The required installation space
is reduced to approx. 1/5

(manufacturer research)

3.Significant cost reduction

Compared to conventional methods, the Biological Deodorization System features a low initial cost and substrate, as it can be used for approx. 10 years before replacement. It can significantly reduce introduction and running costs.

Significant cost reduction

Applications of the Biological Deodorization System.

Livestock company

The Biological Deodorization System significantly removes high-concentration foul odors. By replacing a conventional substrate with that of MIRAIE's, costs are dramatically reduced.

Case study of a pig farm, which used to use wood chip deodorization

Results after installing MIRAIE’s system
Gas processing capacity 75 m³/min
Original odor concentration (ppm-NH₃) 2,600
Odor concentration after deodorizing (ppm-NH₃) 48
Odor removal efficiency 98.1%

Based on the amount of ammonia removed per 1 m³ of deodorizing substrate.

x4.1 more

odor removal

livestock industry

Compost manufacturer

The Biological Deodorization System tackles various odor components generated from food waste, livestock manure, and other materials used in composting.

Case study of a food waste composting center

Results after installing MIRAIE’s system
Gas processing capacity 65 m³/min
Original odor index 36 (maximum)
Odor index after deodorization 20

x3 more

odor processing than
conventional systems

Compost manufacturer.

Sediment processing company

Foul odor components from sewage sediment are quickly decomposed, allowing for care and respect of neighboring environment.

Case study of a sediment composting center, that used to use wood chip deodorization

MIRAIE Biological Deodorization System

Annual cost reduction:

18 million yen

Sediment processing company

▶ More applications

  • chicken manure
  • pig manure
  • cow manure
  • horse manure
  • food waste
  • sewage sediment
  • all kinds of animal manure
  • food factories
  • paper factories

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Proud manufacturer: MIRAIE Co., Ltd.

Making our customers and the world smile.

MIRAIE is a manufacturer of recycling systems with a focus on composting.
Since we started manufacturing environmental equipment in 2008, we have strived to bring more production efficiency to our clients involved in recycling. We invented unique fermenting devices and treatment facilities, aiming at making our customers and the world smile.

The Biological Deodorization System is employed by many clients, as it is highly evaluated as an optimized solution for performance, cost and installation space, solving long-standing problems of conventional methods.

We will continue in our efforts to increase productivity and efficiency for our customers while preserving the natural environment.

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Date of establishment 1972
Capital 199,650,000 yen (as of February 1st, 2023)
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