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Three Shimane Prefecture Companies Connect With Ruby Technology Companies in Thailand
Ruby Conference Thailand 2023

Ruby, a programming language employed around the world, was developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto, a resident of Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture. Ruby Conference Thailand, one of the largest international conferences in ASEAN, held in Bangkok in October 2023, brought together the engineers from all around the world. The Shimane Brand Promotion Division of the Shimane Prefectural Government Overseas Expansion Support Office sponsored a joint mission team with Fukuoka Prefectural Government to attend the conference. Three IT companies from Shimane Prefecture traveled to the event, with Mr. Matsumoto serving as team leader.
In addition to viewing presentations on technology trends, team members participated in social events with engineers from other countries. The day before the main event, team members visited two IT companies in Bangkok to catch up on the trends in Thailand and exchange information.
The Thai government is focused on the digital industry as a means to achieve Thailand 4.0, the government's long-term economic development plan. With this and other developments, experts expect the IT industry in the nation to grow in the future.

Participating Companies From Shimane Prefecture

e-Grid Inc.
TechnoProject Co.
Far End Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Shimane Brand Promotion Division, Shimane Prefectural Government Overseas Expansion Support Office